Reflecting on Instructional Design in Online Learning

**I am assuming the role of elementary school principal when reflecting on instructional design in online learning.** Why Online Learning? As principal of a school filled with innovative educators, I value the backward thinking that is required in course design. Currently, education requires changes to meet the demands learners face. The future is unpredictable, therefore... Continue Reading →


Course Development

At the start of this course I was very skeptical of how I could make it work for my unique situation with 5 year olds. In my design process I have found how much of a resource parents could be. Parents are often unfamiliar of how to talk to their children about school, making friends,... Continue Reading →

Connecting the Dots

I am in an interesting position as a teacher. I do not have Common Core State Standards. This has been a difficult challenge while I see my peers aligning their instruction but also very freeing as I can meet my individual learners' needs as I find appropriate. This is not common in K-12 schools. Transitional... Continue Reading →

Learning Revolution

This week I am looking within and reflected on how my views and research coincide. I feel that I have been asked to look at this often but new ideas emerge each time. One thing, my thoughts on learning through play have grown stronger and stronger. But after watching Daniel Pink's, "Drive: The surprising truth... Continue Reading →

A New Culture of Learning

As I dive into Creating Significant Learning Environments I am excited for what learning is to come. This has been a topic of great interest for me, as I work at a magnet school of innovation and career exploration. I am the only TK teacher at our site so I feel that I am creating... Continue Reading →

Influencer Strategy

What a week! I am feeling pretty lost when it comes to influencing my own innovation plan. The challenge of influencing other adults within my school has stumped me. My innovation plan is centered around my own classroom and I don’t feel that I can or should tell others to participate with me. I am... Continue Reading →

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